A Note From Our Founder

Hi! I’m Lauren, the founder and CEO of Henning. I’ve spent my career as a fashion editor advocating for size inclusion—but despite doing everything in my power to make the industry inclusive, I have never ever had an easy time getting dressed.

I’ve worn everything from a size 12 to a size 20 and it’s all been pretty shitty when it comes to clothes. If you’re like me, you’ve had a closet full of cheap, fast-fashion pieces and whether your inner thigh seams burst or your best blazer sprouted irreparable pit stain, you’ve had to deal with daily discomfort. If my memory serves me correctly, it was during one of those early morning not-going-to-the-office-looking-like-this fits that I decided to start my own brand. Though, it could have been the time my pants ripped up the butt on the way to an interview, or after hearing plus-size colleagues tell me that their chest popped out of their button-down during a meeting or they’d get the promotion they’d be asking for if they “looked” the part.

At Henning, we’re building a collection of quality, fashion-forward essentials for women size 12 and up. Think: wool blazers, stretch button-downs, and day-to-night dresses—pieces that will allow us to look and feel peak powerful.

One catch: I can’t do this alone. As part of the Henning community, I want to learn from you. If you’re down to help, tell me what’s missing from your work wardrobe or gripe about your current fit woes. Seriously—email us at hi@henningnyc.com and we’ll get a long-overdue dialogue started. Welcome to the team!

Talk soon,