A Note From Our Founder




I’m Lauren, the founder and CEO of Henning. I’ve spent my career as a fashion editor advocating for size inclusion—but despite doing everything in my power to make the industry more inclusive, I have never felt completely welcome. 

Whether I was a size 14 trying to fit into the tiny seats at fashion shows or a size 20 trying to get dressed for work, being plus-size has long made me feel on the fringes. While fashion media has made plenty of strides in size inclusion, it’s evident that most brands are still hesitant to offer their clothing to women size 12 and up.

For years, everyone around me has worn designer outfits while I have been limited to cheap, fast-fashion—and the effects of which are tangible: being perceived as less capable, not feeling confident and dealing with things like pants ripping in the thighs and shirts busting open.

Eventually, I became downright angry with the disadvantage I faced simply for having the biggest body in the room. And I wasn’t alone. Friends, readers, and followers have all shared similar sentiments with me, whether their skirt had ripped during a morning commute or they’d been told that losing weight and getting a new wardrobe would be good for their career. 

Our stories all have the same terrible takeaway: by being excluded from the world of quality clothing, we have internalized the messaging that we must not be successful enough to afford nice things, that we should change ourselves in order to fit smaller clothes, and that we are less valuable people than our straight-size peers. 

So, I’m here to call bullshit. I now feel as capable as anyone else—and I deserve to present myself that way. Since fashion hasn’t offered me the means to, I’m taking matters into my own hands. Enter, Henning. We’re building a collection of luxury plus-size staples like wool blazers, silk dresses, and classic coats—and we’re not making any compromises on quality, craftsmanship, or design. We want you to wear our clothes and feel as smart, sharp, and powerful as you truly are. 

Welcome to the world of plus-size luxury, made just for you.

Talk soon,