Vintage Straight Jeans

A vintage-inspired, low-stretch jean with a back-of-the-knee seam to keep 'em seriously straight-leg. Ahead of producing inventory, we're compiling a waitlist to gauge demand. Please add your e-mail below. 

You'll get early access to shop as soon as we're stocked.
Our Founder's Notes

The one denim silhouette I've yet to find made well in plus-sizes is the vintage-inspired straight-leg. You know the pair: light-washed for a lived-in look and structured enough to keep the leg *actually* straight. If, like me, you've been on the hunt for these unicorn jeans, you know that it's next to impossible. That's because most plus-size denim is super-stretchy, meaning "straight-leg" pairs don't keep their structure and, instead, tend to hug the knee then bell out. Spoiler alert: not these. Our jeans are made with low-stretch denim and have a special seam (pictured here in the third image) that keeps the calf and ankle straight-as-can-be. As of now, they'll come in sizes 12-26 and retail for $195.

This garment is made of low-stretch denim to give it a structured, vintage feel while still being comfortable. Its contents are 98% cotton and 2% lycra.

You can machine wash it on a cold cycle and lay it flat to dry. As you see fit, you may use a steamer to spruce it up.

To find your size, please reference the size chart above.

Candice is 5'10" and wears a Henning size 14.

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